Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Did you miss one?

Hello friends

I've been in my crafty cabin today going through some more boxes
and discovered some unsold charity kits.
These are now going to be listed on the website here
so if you have perhaps missed one or perhaps would 
like to buy another feel free to take a look.

Here is a selection of some of the kits still available.
By clicking on the image it should take you straight to the item...fingers crossed!

The prices have been amended as postage and packing is 
applied when you checkout.  
All proceeds will still go to Ronald McDonald House Camberwell
and I get to clear another box in my crafty cabin - all good!

Take care friends and thank you so much for all you support
with charity kits.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Geo Steps Revisited

Hello friends

I thought I would revisit Geo Steps today.
A minimalist clean looking die designed by Lene Lok for Spellbinders.

 I confess this card took a little time to make, reinserting coloured card
but I like the overall effect.
Also by having opposing black and white frames made a real difference. 

Geo Steps is available on the website here pre-loved at a very nice price.

Today...if all goes to plan I am doing videos.
Tripod packed, camera packed, Stanley packed!

Take care friends - enjoy your day, are you crafting?

Monday, 24 April 2017

More Messy, Little Video and Winning Ticket

Hello friends

Thank you for all your kind comments on yesterday's post.
I've been putting the finishing touches to my double journal page,
that means doodling with gel pens - also loved that!
Here it is....

The second page we created was something a little different
and I foolishly did not take step photos so I'm going to recreate that one
to share with you later this week and incorporate die cutting.

Yesterday I did a little video of my crafty happy place.
I've been receiving quite a few questions since the publication of 
Paperhearts and Summer Kisses as to whether I really craft in a 
summerhouse/cabin?  Is it really in my parents' garden? 
So I thought I would do a little show and tell.
It is up on my Facebook page and also the Hope and Chances page.
If you fancy a look please click here.

Now...who has the winning ticket to win these 'heart' goodies!?
A signed copy of Paperhearts and Summer Kisses,
set of Spellbinders dies - Hearts and a pack of 3D Foam Hearts.

And the ticket is....[tap desk to imitate drum roll!]

Please check your charity kit bags and if you have number 22
please email me 
(different email address this month).
I'll be sure to send out your prize gift wrapped with special
#Paperhearts paper too.

Take care friends and wishing you a fantastic start to the week.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Messy and New!

Hello friends

I had an absolutely smashing day yesterday at The Artistic Stamper
trying out something completely new to me.
It involved paint - a lot of paint!

The class was taught by Tracey Scott, super talented and lovely lady.
First off we applied various colours of paint to good quality card.
No paintbrushes here...just use your fingers!

We then did some splattering with gold or white.

Next step was to do some stamping - these are Tracey's stamp designs for 
I adore the leaves and huge daisies and closed flower looks
just like Queen Elizabeth I !! 

It was then a case of cutting them all out!
I found this very relaxing, I don't think I've sat for that many hours
just chatting and fussy cutting - really enjoyed it.

We were asked to bring a journal, turns out I brought along the smallest one!
I was pleased though as I used less flowers and now have some in reserve
for other projects.

We prepared a background with paints, mine with hindsight was a little too subtle.

Added a little bit of stamping to the background and then arranged the flowers.
This isn't quite my finished piece but even just laying the flowers down
and seeing the vibrant colours made me very happy.

My mind is now racing with ideas and these include die cutting so
watch this space!  
We did complete a second page which I will share with you soon,
just need to get some photos in daylight (typing this near midnight!)

My summary of the day - brilliant and a change is 
most definitely as good as a rest. 

Stop by tomorrow for more photos and announcing
charity kit winner!

Take care friends.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Tempting Trio

Hello friends
Today I'm heading off to Faversham - The Artistic Stamper
for a workshop, I'm bracing myself for getting a little messy!
When the list of items to take was sent through and it said
'paintbrushes and apron' I thought ...ok let's do this!
I hope to share photos with you tomorrow.
Before I go I wanted to share another card project I made using
Beaded Squares - the die set I featured yesterday for Friday Die Day.

Using three of the smaller squares I positioned them diamond-wise
in a row, slightly overlapping, added my typed sentiment and three pink flowers
(the flower die is also included with Beaded Squares).

Addition of some foliage makes the colour pop a little more.

It is possible to purchase Beaded Squares as a bundle on the website
with Flowers and Leaves embossing folder and a pack of lovely
3D Foam butterflies - details are here.
Or if you prefer to purchase Beaded Squares on its own - please click here.
Flowers and Leaves embossing folder - please click here.
3D Foam Butterflies - please click here.
Phew! That's a lot of clicking isn't it!
Take care friends - have a great Saturday.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Friday Die Day

Hello friends
This week's Friday Die Day is Beaded Squares
Beaded Squares is a three piece die set and the approximate
measurements are:
Small Frame: 1.40 x 1.40 in
Large Frame: 2.25 x 2.25 in
Flower: 0.80 x 0.80 in
This is how they look cut/embossed.

To create my card background I die cut a piece of ivory cardstock using 5 x 7 Matting Basics.
Once cut I kept the cardstock inside the die, opened the embossing folder -
placed on platform.  Positioned die and die cut (cutting edge upwards).

Cover with tan mat and one cutting plate.
Run through the machine.

This way you retain a frame line with an embossed patterned middle.

Matted onto a further ivory mat and affixed to card front.

I then used both frames from the Beaded Square set,
largest positioned diamond wise and the smaller as a square.

Placed a sentiment across the middle and then the flower from the set
cut from lilac cardstock.
The little green leaf (Homespun die set).
The finished card.

Lovely detailed emboss on the flower die.

is available as a bundle on the website and also included is a pack
of 3D Foam Butterflies.
A tempting trio and all for the bargain price of £8.75 -
details are here

Take care friends and wishing you all a wonderful weekend.
I'm off to take part in a craft workshop tomorrow, it has been ages since I attended a
workshop and it is something slightly out of my comfort zone...messy with paint!
More details to follow.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Market Fresh and a 'Deer' Little Gift

Hello friends

I'm back home from Peterborough and heading to my city job today!
I had such a nice time with Debi Adams from Spellbinders,
she was launching her own Spellbinders design line on Create and Craft
called Market Fresh - the dies are so clever as each one
could have multiple uses and Debi's projects are adorable.
I got to spend time with Debi and talk craft - it's a tough job you know! ;)

Here's a video of Debi at CHA earlier this year showcasing Market Fresh.

My crafty project offering for today appeared on the Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L
blog here yesterday.  It is a little gift package that has bath salts inside.

The full step by step tutorial can be found here and I truly appreciate it 
if you have time to leave a comment on their blog.
Isn't the paper I used lovely?!

Take care friends and please stop by tomorrow for Friday Die Day.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Venetian Versatility

Hello friends

Today I'm revisiting Venetian Gatefold, another beautiful die
designed by Stacey Caron from her Renaissance Collection.

There are two dies in the set.

The approximate measurement of each die is:
Panels: 2.10 x 5.50 in
This is how they look cut/embossed.
You will notice that if you align each die side by side
it enables you to cut a frame to fold - create 'gates/doors'.

I've chosen to patterned paper to place behind.

Secured a ribbon band - this can slide off to open up the gates.

Final touch - flower and tag - the flower and leaves is created from

It is also possible to use this die to create a tea light holder
(battery one please), just by creating four panels.

 Venetian Gatefold is available on the website here along with 
other beautiful designs by Stacey Caron for Spellbinders here.

You may have caught some photos on Facebook as to where
I went yesterday - Create and Craft studios in Peterborough
to welcome Debi Adams, a fantastic die designer for Spellbinders.
We are spending some time together and you can 
catch her shows today at 11am, 3pm and 5pm. 
Her collection Market Fresh is adorable.

Take care friends.

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